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Dustin Butler
Founder, General Contractor

Butler Developments

Butler Developments is led by a second-generation general contractor with a combined building experience of 60 years. We provide superior services in all areas of construction. There isn’t a project too big that we won’t complete to satisfaction! We take pride in everything we do from the relationships we build to the products we deliver and the projects we complete. Butler Developments is enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable to be your construction company of choice for all your federal, commercial and residential construction needs. Our wide range of services include custom home and commercial builds, federal contracting, management, development and land development, framing, disaster relief, roofing, and renovation to name a few.

Butler Developments utilizes their own architects, draftsman, and engineers to ensure your entire custom home or commercial project is designed, managed, maintained and completed by our building experts.

When customizing your home or project, Butler Developments utilizes the highest quality materials with competitive costs. We only provide fixed rate contracts so you know exactly what you are paying for upfront; material inflation and labor increases never change your contracted rate, guaranteed! We provide all precision cuts and master craftsman finish. All our homes offer material that is more cost efficient and low maintenance throughout the life of your homes. The material utilized can withstand the elements. Butler Developments encompasses the importance of providing a home that reduces environmental impact and incorporates energy and water efficiency technologies in our customer homes and construction projects.

In our efforts to improve long-term performance, we install energy efficient windows, use engineered wood, landscapes for water and energy efficiency, use new recycle content materials in our construction, and reduce construction and demo waste.
Butler Developments and our team of professionals have a history of building outstanding projects from luxury custom homes to renovations and commercial buildings to everything in between.

When you hire Butler Developments, you get experts in building and the reassurance that your home or project will be built with quality satisfaction.
Butler Developments stands behind our mission and values:

Value: Butler Developments places value behind our team, our customers, and all our construction projects and opportunities.

Integrity: Butler Developments believes the integrity of our company and staff consummates to the construction projects we provide.

Relationships: It is important to Butler Developments to build, maintain, and ensure positive, long standing relationships with all our customers. We believe great customer relationships are a reflection of our company values.

Expertise: Butler Developments are experts in the construction industry. We encompass the intelligence required to deliver your project with the durability, efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness necessary for your satisfaction.

Teamwork: Butler Developments works with a successful team comprised of our general contractor, office staff, field supervisors, field workers and sub-contractors. We all work together to provide our customers with the best service, product, and experience.

Dependability: Butler Developments are extremely dependable in every aspect of construction. Our experience, abilities, and knowledge allows our customers to depend on us to get any job done right.

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P.O. Box 3030 | Show Low, AZ 85902

Phone 1-855-ButlerD (1-855-288-5373) Fax 928-367-0446

Butler Developments is a leader in innovative design and construction. We use proprietary design-build aspects to create beautiful, unique, timeless homes, and construction projects.