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Butler Developments Services: Smart Home Technology (image)

SmartHome Technology

Technology for your house is smarter than ever. The newest devices and apps simplify tasks, make better use of resources and transform the way we live. With the ever-changing, hi-tech world we live in, your options are virtually limitless.

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Investor Specs

Butler Developments provides many investment opportunities. To inquire more about investing with us, please contact our office to speak to the General Contractor.

Butler Developments Services: Land Development (image)

Land Development


Team Butler enhances the value of our clients’ real estate assets by creating and implementing market-driven development. We accommodate in areas ranging from market research, smart growth development techniques to land brokerage.

Butler Developments Services: Masonry (image)


Team Butler provides superior masonry construction in many areas of expertise: retaining walls, driveways, patios, sidewalks, piers, stone work, and decorative concrete/pavers.

Butler Developments Services: Multi-Family Housing (image)

Multi-Family Housing

Butler Developments provides superior construction of multi-family housing from 20 to 2,000 units and beyond. We use our design concepts and expertise to construct unique, beautiful communities.

Butler Developments Services: Apartments and Hotels (image)

Apartments & Hotels

Team Butler understands the process of renovating or building apartments and hotels is meticulous and comprehensive. We provide competitive pricing to our clients and work to maintain the design of the project within the established budget.

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Butler Developments is a leader in innovative design and construction. We use proprietary design-build aspects to create beautiful, unique, timeless homes, and construction projects.