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Save Time and Money
with Our Design-Build Service

Design-build services from Butler Developments were created and polished over two generations to improve your experience and provide the best possible results.

In traditional project delivery for a custom home build, you hire a designer and take their plans to your general contractor. However, as the owner, you spend a lot of time and money refereeing conflicts between the two. Therefore, your project suffers delays, increased expense, and an overall lack of responsibility from both parties.

Enter Team Butler's Design-Build Services

Instead of spending your time running between two or more firms who have different visions and processes, our design-build provides you with one specialized team who is working toward your goals. You work with our in-house architects, drafters, and construction subcontractors. Our general contractor oversees all parts of the process.

This method offers you a seat at the table without the headaches, stress, and excess costs. Team Butler collaborates to achieve your complete satisfaction.

Advantages of Design Build

  • Reduced Cost:
    Design-build provides savings averaging 6% over traditional methods.
  • Rapid Completion:
    Projects completed through design-build usually finish 12% - 33% faster.
  • Fewer Headaches:
    Design-build puts the responsibility for your satisfaction in the hands of one team, working together. There are no competing egos or differing recommendations.
  • Innovation and Selection: By keeping the process in-house, we efficiently innovate and adapt your plans to meet your desires. We offer you options, you pick what is right for you, and we adjust or advise as needed.

In addition to new designs, Team Butler is happy to work with existing plans. We can make your ideas a reality whether you start from blueprints, sketches on a napkin, one of our floor plans, or concepts in your head.

Get started today on your design-build home construction project. Contact Butler Developments to schedule a free consultation or complete our online form.

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