Butler Developments will support you through every phase of building your new home from finding the perfect lot, to designing the perfect home, to getting you the right financing to begin building your dream home. Butler Developments are experts in building and our meticulous attention to detail combined with superior craftsmanship will surely make you happy you chose us for to build your beautiful home. Building with Butler is not only easy, we make it fun! Call Butler Developments today for a free consult!

SmartHome Technology

Technology for your house is smarter than ever. The newest devices and apps simplify tasks, make better use of resources and transform the way we live. With the ever-changing, hi-tech world we live in, your options are virtually limitless.


Butler Developments provides many investment opportunities. To inquire more about investing with us, please contact our office to speak to the General Contractor.


Team Butler provides superior masonry construction in many areas of expertise: retaining walls, driveways, patios, sidewalks, piers, stone work, and decorative concrete/pavers.


Butler Developments provides superior construction of multi-family housing from 20 to 2,000 units and beyond. We use our design concepts and expertise to construct unique, beautiful communities.


Renovating your home is the best way to increase your home’s value! Renovating is also the perfect way to add functionality and beauty to your home while reducing maintenance and utility costs. There is no renovation project too big for Butler Developments, we are experts in every area of renovation. What are you waiting for?! Give us call or request a quote today!


Did you know that most roofs shingles last between 20 and 50 years in ideal conditions and weather? Let’s be real though, most of us don’t live in ideal weather conditions. Over the years, your shingles will endure rain, hail, wind, and intense heat from the sun that will wear your shingles out faster. Between environmental factors and installation quality, you can expect to repair or replace your roof's shingles at some point. If you know you have roof leaks or you know it’s a matter of time until you do, give Butler Developments a call to give you a roof quote today!


Butler Developments has built over fifty McDonald’s throughout the state of Arizona and New Mexico. We are experienced and professional and understand the details and time that goes into the design and build of any commercial project.


Siding is a very important component in protecting your home. The best time to have your siding changed is in fall. This is optimum weather for siding and it also seals your home of any cracks or gaps prior to the winter weather approaching, saving you money on your energy bill. You want to replace your siding when the weather is at a mid-range temperature so that it doesn’t expand with the excessive heat or break during installation during the excessive cold. When your siding begins to bubble, fade, flake, crack, dent, chip, have dry rot, the siding becomes loose, or becomes damaged from wildlife, it is time to have your home re-sided and Butler Developments are the right choice for the job!


It’s amazing how brand new a home or patio can look after it has been given a fresh coat of paint or stain! Did you know if you have wood siding, your house needs to be painted or stained every 3 years to maintain the beauty and structural integrity of the home? If you have stucco, it needs painting every 5 years! Call Butler Developments to get your free paint quote today!